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Our service is to fulfill your needs and requirements to the maximum extent possible. We have our own exclusive showroom and godown in SIVAKASI. We are the best place to fullfill your cracker shopping. We have cracker gift boxes, rockets, ground chakkars, flowerpots, sparklers, skyshots and various other type of crackers. After understanding the hardship of buying quality crackers during diwali season we came up with the solution to buy crackers online. We sell products only which is of good quality and received acceptance by the customers.

We are extremely careful about testing them through a series of extremely rigorous methods to produce good quality crackers. We produce crackers with highest quality at an affordable price enabling you to leverage joy and happiness in all occasions.

Sivakasi Crackers
Arunjunai Pyro Park

There are certain Dos & Don’ts to follow while bursting and storing crackers. Thus it is very important to follow the precautions while bursting crackers. A little negligence, ignorance and carelessness can cause a fatal injury.


  • Instructions

    Display fireworks as per the instructions mentioned on the pack.

  • Outdoor

    Use fireworks only outdoor

  • Branded Fireworks

    Buy fireworks from authorized/reputed manufacturers only.

  • Water

    Keep two buckets of water handy. In the event of fire or any mishap.

  • Dont's

  • Don't make tricks

    Never make your own fireworks.

  • Don't wear loose clothes

    Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks.

  • Don't Touch it

    After fireworks display never pick up fireworks they still may be active.

  • Don't place near candles

    Don't store firecrackers near burning candles or lamps

  • Sri Arunjunai Pyro Park

    We are committed to produce high quality Crackers,Sparklers, Fancy Aerial Novelties, Multi shot cake varieties, Color Fountains, Color chakkars and we are developing the improved formulations to make Green Crackers with low emissions of noise and pollution.


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      South Anaikuttam,
      Vetrilaiyoorani village,
      Sivakasi - 626128
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    As per 2018 supreme court order, online sale of firecrackers are not permitted! We value our customers and at the same time, respect jurisdiction. We request you to add your products to the cart and submit the required crackers through the enquiry button. We will contact you within 24 hrs and confirm the order through WhatsApp or phone call. Please add and submit your enquiries and enjoy your Diwali with Sri Sakthivel Crackers. Our License No.----. Sri Sakthivel Crackers as a company following 100% legal & statutory compliances and all our shops, go-downs are maintained as per the explosive acts. We send the parcels through registered and legal transport service providers as like every other major companies in Sivakasi is doing so.
    Arunjunai Pyro Park